Employees and employers, contact Ben about the services listed below or any other employment law issues.

Ben also provides free termination package reviews for dismissed employees.

employment law services for employees and employers

Wrongful Dismissals
Employees: get the termination pay, severance pay, or pay-in-lieu-of notice you’re entitled to.

Employment Offer Review
Employees: speak with a lawyer to understand the details of your employment offer.

Constructive Dismissals
Employees: escape a toxic work environment or resist unilateral changes to your contract.

Employees: seek redress for reprisals at work because you asserted workplace rights.

Aggravated Damages
Employees: claim compensation for bad faith conduct in the manner of dismissal.

Worker Classification
Employers & Employees: know the implications of independent contractor, dependent contractor, or employee status.

Negligent Misrepresentations
Employers & Employees: know the consequences of misleading statements in the hiring process.

Restrictive Covenants
Employees & Employers: enforce and defend claims about non-solicitation, non-competition.

Employers: protect your confidential information from employee misuse.

Terminating Employees
Employers: get the right advice to avoid litigation and comply with employee termination rights.

Human Rights
Employees & Employers: assert and defend discrimination claims under the Human Rights Code.

Punitive Damages
Employees: seek additional awards to deter, denounce, and punish bad employer behaviour.

Breach of Fiduciary Duty
Employers: pursue claims against key employees for serious breaches of trust or civil fraud.

Employers & Employees: understand the pitfalls of bad employment references or disparaging workplace reviews.

Unpaid Wages
Employees: claim the pay you’re owed.

Unpaid Bonuses / Commissions
Employees: overcome the fine print employers use to withhold payouts.

Leaves of Absence
Employees & Employers: navigate the nuances of employee rights to time away from work.

Terminations for Just Cause
Employees & Employers: assert and defend allegations of workplace misconduct supporting dismissal without notice.

Template Contract Review
Employers: have your template employment contract reviewed by a lawyer for the best protection.

Illegal Termination Provisions
Employees: invalidate illegal termination provisions which violate employment standards.

Vicarious Liability
Employers: get advice on your exposure to vicarious liability claims for employee negligence.


Ben provides free termination package reviews for recently dismissed employees.



For these or other employment law services, contact Ben J. Hahn.


Ben also provides general civil litigation services to both plaintiffs and defendants in a variety of other legal contexts outside of employment law, including creditor’s rights law, contract law, insurance law, defamation, professional negligence, residential construction disputes, civil fraud, and others.